No. 234 from 24th of May 2019TO:  Ship Owners, ISM Managers, Recognized Organizations, other interested parties Subject: NEW REGISTRATION – CARGO REFRIGERATORS  

As refrigerated cargo vessels are purpose built to frooze not only froozen goods but also frozen marine resources as well and allows for the infrastructure for supporting IUU fishing, also at the point of their operations receive and carry marine resources from legal and ilegal vessels at sea or in port, in result of the support to ensure the sustainability of the marine environment, the Naval Agency as Maritime Administration of the Republic of Moldova, informs all interested parties that intends to register cargo refrigerators under Moldova Flag that this Administration decided to introduce  moratorium on new registration of mentioned vessels untill the full neccesary implementation into the national legislation regarding the transhipment of the fish products. 

As transhipment is considered one of the leading contributors of IUU, it is important for the Government of the Republic of Moldova to ensure proper monitoring, control and surveillance of all transhipment activities. Considering that we do not have in place stringent measures to satisfactorily monitor transhipment activities at sea, this Administration stops new registration of refrigerated cargo vessels unde Moldova Flag, until adequate measures can be implemented.  

A further notice will be issued once the Administration will lift the mentioned moratorium.  

Best regards, 
Director of Naval Agency